Friday, September 9, 2011


Dear Sweet Friend,
Hope you are doing fine. Cutting out on the formalities, I know you haven’t been fine for a long period now. I have seen you happy at times, but that looks to me as temporary happiness, it hasn’t been that I’ve seen you happy for a long span of time. But that is not why I am writing to you…
I want to share an incident with you, an experience, a thought, a phase, an article and want you to give me your feedback on it…!

I was a little excited about the next day while I went to sleep. As usual I got late to pack up with everything and go to sleep, and had to leave early as to reach in time. I couldn’t sleep properly at night as there were mixed emotions going through me relating different people and also anxiety, curiosity, fear and nervousness were marking their presence at the thought of new life! However its intensity was less than it had been three years ago. I was awake by 7am but was lazy and the cold atmosphere didn’t let me get out of my bed. A door bell rang at 8am in the morning, wondering who it could be; I thought it might be you, may be you remembered and just came to wish me luck… But it wasn’t you! I thought the distance between us that had been growing didn’t let your steps come here, and then I thought maybe you just didn’t remember or might have slipped your mind. I came to such a conclusion, as you had been forgetting about many important dates that were going around when you were still informed about it. I felt hurt whenever such days arrived and you didn’t take notice of those. I don’t blame you for those, as you too can have your problems like work load, or may be family pressure which has constantly been over your head as a torture at times or as a load of responsibilities at times. And you entering into a relation add to a responsibility of your partner’s care too. You have always fulfilled in that as per my knowledge. I see you loving him unconditionally.

To my surprise, you hadn’t forgotten my important day this time, you remembered it, though as usual you didn’t have balance to wish me luck, but that didn’t matter to me, all that mattered was your long message which was meaningful and full of sentiments and emotions. I was happy that my friend was still there. I knew that you’d be always there, but the comfort level had decreased a little, but now just one message that made me confident about not making me lose my friend.
I learnt that relations do face problems, there is never a stable relation throughout; what matters and keeps you bonded is your love for each other. We, humans have a lot of love of each other. It’s just that some people be rude to the outside world because of some experiences or are a little immature about their behavior with elders and strangers. When you see somebody ill-treating an old lady, you feel sympathy towards her, you feel like doing whatever you can for her. This feeling comes out of love. We have lots of love within us even for strangers, just that we have to make ourselves realize about our love to others.

Love wins the World.

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